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What is the white cloudy layer I see after mixing the CAT5 Lysis buffer and Deparaffinization Reagent in between the aqueous and deparaffinization reagent phases when using the DNAstorm™ kit?

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The white cloudy layer is an emulsion between the Deparaffinization Reagent and the CAT5 Lysis Buffer, which may form when these two reagents are vortexed or mixed vigorously. To avoid this issue, we recommend not vortexing the sample when the Deparaffinization Reagent and CAT5 Lysis Buffer are in contact. Instead, we recommend pipette mixing when necessary in the presence of both these reagents (e.g., when protease is added). The white cloudy layer can be removed by centrifuging the sample at maximum speed (> 16,000 x g) for at least 2 minutes. The length of time will depend on the volume of the emulsion.

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