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Get 20% Off All Live-or-Dye™ Fixable Viability Staining Kits

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Receive a 20% discount on all Live-or-Dye™ Fixable Viability Staining Kits.

Live-or-Dye™ Fixable Viability Staining Kits are offered in 14 different colors, the largest selection of dead cell dyes available for easy panel design. Color options also include dyes specifically designed to fill the far-red gap for spectral flow multiplexing.

The best fixable dead cell stains for flow cytometry:

  • Largest selection of dye colors for easy panel design
  • Dye options designed specially for spectral flow
  • Exceptionally bright dyes for excellent live/dead separation
  • No loss of brightness after fixation
  • For flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy
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  • Valid for US customers only
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Offer valid until Jan 1, 2021.

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Live-or-Dye™ Fixable Viability Staining Kits

Kits to covalently label dead cells, allowing cells with permeable plasma membranes to be excluded from analysis in flow cytometry. A wide variety of dye options for standard flow, spectral flow, and fluorescence microscopy.

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