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Spring Sale 2022

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Biotium is having a sitewide Spring Sale with 20-50% off secondary antibodies and select reagents! Several products offered in the sale are widely published dyes and stains for neuroscience research.

Check the full list of discounted products and associated promo codes below. Discount applies to all sizes for mentioned products.

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20% Off Secondary & Anti-Tag Antibodies

Up to 30% Off Select Bioconjugates

Up to 50% Off Select Fluorescent Cellular Stains

Up to 30% Off Neuroscience Probes & Reagents

Up to 30% Off All Coelenterazine Luciferase Substrates




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Cellular Stains

Fluorescent stains for cell surface, nucleus, mitochondria, lysosomes, & more

Cellular Stains in Different Organisms

Compare live cell stains for mammalian cells, bacteria, or yeast.

Cellular Stains Selection Guides

Compare applications, fixability, cellular targets, and staining in different organisms at a glance.

CF® Dye & Other Bioconjugates

Bioconjugates for a variety of applications, with our bright, photostable CF® dyes & other labels

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