CF543 dUTP
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 25 nmol
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Product Description

CF™543-dUTP can be used for TUNEL assay, or to synthesize labeled DNA probes for in situ hybridization and nucleic acid blotting applications. CF™543 is an orange fluorescent dye with an excitation spectrum optimally matching the 543 laser line. Antibody conjugates of the dye are much brighter than those of Alexa Fluor® 546.

Also see Biotium’s CF™ dye TUNEL assay kits.

Download a list of CF dye references.

Additional Information


25 nmol

Flyer (PDF): FL-CF543

Flyer (PDF): Nucleotide Conjugates

MSDS (PDF): MSDS CFdye-dUTP conjugate

Protocol (PDF): PI-40002

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