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In Vivo Imaging

Near-infrared (NIR) dyes offer important advantages over traditional visible dyes. Because cellular or tissue components produce minimal autofluorescence in the near-IR region, near-IR imaging is highly specific and sensitive. NIR emission also has strong tissue penetration, allowing small animal in vivo fluorescence imaging.

Biotium’s NIR CF® Dyes are the brightest and most photostable among spectrally similar dyes. They are also highly water soluble for excellent conjugate specificity (learn more about NIR CF® Dyes). See our NIR CF® Dye Annexin Conjugates and VivoBrite™ Antibody Labeling Kits for in vivo imaging. We also offer CellBrite™ NIR dyes and DiR, which are non-toxic, stable cellular membrane dyes useful for in vivo cell tracking studies.