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RNase-X™ Decontamination Solution

A decontamination solution that effectively removes RNases and other contamination from surfaces and instruments for RNA research.

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Product Description

Working with RNA samples can be very difficult due to the ubiquitous presence of RNase contamination on benchtops, pipettors, and other surfaces. RNases are notoriously stable and resistant to many heat and chemical treatments. Therefore it is crucial to clean work surfaces and implements with a cleanser that is proven to eliminate RNases.

RNase-X™ Decontamination Solution protects precious RNA samples by effectively eliminating RNase contamination on working surfaces such as benchtops, pipets, tip boxes, and instruments. It is provided in a convenient spray bottle: simply spray the surface, wipe, and rinse with RNase-free water or 70% ethanol.

  • Effectively eliminates RNase contamination on work surfaces
  • Ideal for cleaning benchtops, pipettors, and instruments that must be RNase-free
  • Provided in a convenient and ready-to-use spray bottle
  • Excellent performance and more cost-effective than RNaseZap™
RNase-X™ effectively removes RNase from surfaces. To simulate RNase-contaminated surfaces, the insides of microfuge tubes were left untreated (water), or coated with RNase A, then rinsed with either water or RNase-X™, followed by water washes. A. The final water washes were incubated with total human RNA, which was then stained with EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye and analyzed on an agarose gel. First two lanes: RNA incubated with water alone. Middle two lanes: RNA incubated with the water from RNase-treated, water-rinsed tube. Last two lanes: RNA incubated with the water from RNase-treated, RNase-X™-rinsed tube. B. Analysis of RNase activity in the final water
washes using the RNaseAlert™ assay from IDT.

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