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Innovation is at the very heart of what we do every day. As a small technology company, we understand the importance of innovation to our competitiveness and growth. The company devotes a significant amount of resources to research and development and intellectual property protection. Our efforts have resulted in a growing number of granted and pending patents that cover a wide array of molecular and cellular biology applications.

Our offerings include the following trademark product lines:

CF® dyes: A series of 28 highly water soluble dyes with colors spanning the entire visible and near infrared spectra;made using breakthrough chemistries to produce unrivaled performance in brightness and photostability

Mix-n-Stain™ Antibody Labeling Kits: A revolutionary fast and simple antibody labeling technology;  choose from more than 20 fluorescent CF™ dyes,  fluorescent proteins, enzymes, or biotin

GelRed™ and GelGreen™ nucleic acid gel stains: The safest and most sensitive DNA gel stains on the market

DNAzure® visible DNA gel stain:  A unique and superbly sensitive visible blue DNA gel stain

One-Step Blue® and One-Step Lumitein™ protein gel stains: Safe and simple fluorescent or visible protein gel stains

EvaGreen® DNA-binding Dye: A superior qPCR dye, the preferred alternative to SYBR® green; the only dye that works well for both qPCR and highly sensitive melt curve analysis

NucView® Caspase 3/7 Enzyme Substrates: A novel series of fluorescent probes to detect caspase-3 activity in live cells by releasing a fluorescent dye upon substrate cleavage

AccuClear®, AccuBlue® and AccuGreen™ DNA Quantitation Kits:  A full range of DNA quantitation kits for a variety of instruments and concentration ranges, including kits with the lowest dsDNA detection limit and widest linear range in the market

PMAxx™ and PMA dyes for viability PCR: A powerful tool to measure cell viability using qPCR or LAMP in microorganisms and other cell types

TrueBlack® lipofuscin autofluroescence quencher:  Quenches tissue autofluorescence coming from lipofuscin, clearing the way for more sensitive immunofluroescence

Product Quality and Services
Biotium has state-of-the-art facilities and, more importantly, a team of highly experienced scientists and supporting staff to provide high quality products and superior service. Our chemistry and analytical labs employ advanced purification and analytical instruments to ensure product purity and consistency.  Similarly, our bioscience lab is fully equipped for conducting cell imaging and bioanalytical experiments, such as confocal microscopy, gel electrophoresis, flow cytometry, real-time PCR, and fluorescent/bioluminescent plate-based assays. These capabilities enable us to produce user-friendly product protocols and provide superior technical support to our customers.

Business Partnering
Biotium has licensed several of its patented technologies to a number of major international biotech companies including Sigma-Aldrich, Agilent, BioRad, Qiagen, BD Biosciences, EMD Millipore, Fluidigm, Essen BioScience, PerkinElmer, Illumina, and others. Biotium’s products are sold world-wide through our international distributors, including VWR USA and VWR Europe. In addition, we frequently collaborate with academic scientists to develop new tools for the ever-changing needs in research. These partnerships extend Biotium’s reach to more customers and expand applications of Biotium’s cutting-edge technologies in life science research, medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical science.

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Certified Quality System – ISO 9001:2015
Biotium implements a Quality System, certified by QAS according to Standard QAS ISO 9001:2015.

Certificate Number: US3564