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Optimized Tools for a Successful Workflow

Improve Downstream Results for RNA-Seq, cDNA Synthesis, RT-PCR, and Microarrays

EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye is a much brighter and more convenient RNA gel stain than EtBr
AccuBlue® RNA Quantitation Kit offers selective RNA quantitation over a wide linear range of 5-1000 ng
Achieve clearer results for downstream NGS, RT-PCR, or microarray
Simple spin column-based workflow yielding up to 120 μg of RNA
RNase-X™ Decontamination Solution effectively eliminates RNase contamination on work surfaces

Sensitive & Convenient RNA Evaluation

Evaluate RNA Integrity & DNA Contamination with Less Sample

Staining RNA with ethidium bromide (EtBr) requires a significant amount of the dye yet still offers very limited sensitivity for RNA when prestaining or post-staining gels. EMBER500™ was developed by Biotium scientists to offer much brighter signal and higher sensitivity than EtBr for RNA gel staining, allowing users to use less RNA sample to quickly verify RNA is free from degradation and DNA contamination. For maximum convenience, EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye includes formamide as well as electrophoresis tracking dyes for convenient denaturing, loading, tracking, and staining in a single step. The prestain is supplied as a 2X concentration, for convenient loading of sample and dye in equal volumes.

Features and benefits

  • Sensitive: Brighter and much more sensitive than EtBr, allows use of less RNA sample
  • Convenient: Denature, load, track and stain RNA samples in a single step on a regular agarose gel
  • Versatile: Stains both DNA and RNA for evaluating total RNA integrity and DNA contamination
  • Flexible Detection: Detect with UV transilluminators or blue LED gel imagers

EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye

Product NameCatalog NumberSize
EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye410324 x 1 mL
EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye41032-250uL250 uL

See the Difference

Figure 1. Human total cellular RNA in water was mixed with EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye or loading dye with 250 μg ethidium bromide (EtBr). Samples were heated for 10 minutes at 70°C, then run on a non-denaturing 1% agarose/1X TBE gel. From left to right, loading amounts were 200, 100, 50, or 25 ng/lane for total RNA. Lanes 1-4 used EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye, lanes 5-8 used RNA loading dye with EtBr. The gel was imaged using a UVP GelDoc-iT® imaging system with a UV transilluminator with EtBr filter with 1.5 second exposure time.

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Highly Selective & Linear Fluorescence-Based RNA Quantitation

The AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA Quantitation Kit boasts a wide linear range (5 ng–1000 ng RNA), while providing exceptional accuracy, sensitivity, and RNA selectivity. It is ideal for use in quantifying RNA for sensitive applications such as Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) or reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR). Unlike absorbance-based measurements, AccuBlue® RNA Quantitation Kit is highly selective for single-stranded RNA over double-stranded DNA, and can tolerate an equal amount of dsDNA in the sample without significant effect on RNA quantitation (purified RNA samples are still recommended). The assay is also able to accurately quantify short ssRNA such as miRNA, while showing very low signal with double-stranded RNA. A mammalian RNA standard is included for accurate quantitation of mammalian cell RNA.

Features and benefits

  • Selective: Can tolerate equivalent amounts of dsDNA (see Figure 2 below)
  • Convenient: Wide linear range spans Qubit®/Quant-iT™ HS and BR ranges
  • Flexible: For fluorescence microplate reader or small fluorometer like Qubit®
  • Accurate: The mammalian-derived total RNA standard provides the highest accuracy when quantifying samples from similar sources

Exceptional Linearity

Figure 1. The AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA Quantitation assay has a linear range of 5-1000 ng RNA in a fluorescent plate reader, a wider range than similar assays.

Highly Selective for ssRNA

Figure 2. The AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA Quantitation Kit is highly selective for RNA over dsDNA. This figure shows that it can tolerate an equal amount of dsDNA without affecting the RNA quantitation.

AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA Quantitation Kits

ProductCatalog No.Size
AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA Quantitation Kit
31073-TTrial size (200 assays)
AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA Quantitation Kit310731000 assays

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Extract More Amplifiable RNA from FFPE Tissues

Tired of Poor Results with RNA from FFPE Tissues?

FFPE samples or other formalin-fixed tissue are a challenge for RNA extraction, often resulting in low yields and poor performance for downstream applications such as RT-PCR and next-generation sequencing (NGS). Most existing extraction methods rely on high heat to remove crosslinks and adducts, which are only partially effective and lead to additional fragmentation.

Try RNAstorm™ 2.0 FFPE RNA Extraction Kit

The CELLDATA RNAstorm™ 2.0 FFPE RNA Extraction Kit uses proprietary CAT5™ catalytic technology, built on research initiated at Stanford University, to greatly accelerate the removal of formaldehyde damage without excessive heat or harsh solvents. This allows greater yields of amplifiable RNA which leads to better results in downstream analysis like RT-PCR, microarray, or NGS. The superior quality of RNAstorm™-derived RNA has been demonstrated by a higher RIN score, higher yield, higher DV200, and improved RNA-seq alignment. According to a tech note from Illumina, the best predictor of successful performance in Illumina RNA-seq is the DV200 score, which represents the percentage of RNA fragments longer than 200 nucleotides. Whether you are performing RNA-seq, RT-qPCR, microarray, or other gene expression analysis, the RNAstorm™ 2.0 kit is your best chance for success.

Features and benefits

  • Novel CAT5™ technology: Proprietary method for chemical reversal of formaldehyde crosslinking
  • Higher Yields: Offers higher yields of RNA over competitor FFPE extraction kits
  • Greater Amplifiability: Yields RNA with higher integrity and less fragmentation for improved downstream analysis
  • Gentle:  Milder conditions that don’t require high temperatures or harsh solvents
  • Simple: Easy to follow spin column-based workflow
Figure 1. Comparison of RNA recovery by quantitative RT-PCR from FFPE tissues using the CELLDATA RNAstorm™ FFPE RNA Extraction Kit  and “Q”, a  competitive commercial FFPE extraction kit.
Figure 2. Increased DV200 values are observed for RNA extracted using the CELLDATA RNAstorm™ FFPE RNA Extraction Kit relative to “Q”, a  competitive commercial FFPE extraction kit. The DV200 represents percentage of RNA with length greater than 200 nt, as measured using an Agilent Bioanalyzer RNA 6000 Nano Kit.

CELLDATA RNAstorm™ FFPE RNA Extraction Kits

Product NameCatalog NumberSize
CELLDATA RNAstorm™ 2.0 FFPE RNA Extraction KitCD50650 preps




Peer-reviewed studies demonstrate the RNAstorm™ FFPE RNA Extraction Kit yields high amounts of quality RNA for diverse applications.

Sign up to our e-newsletter to download our Literature Digest: Higher Quality and Yields of FFPE RNA for Diverse Applications with RNAstorm™. Featuring publications that showcase the diverse fields of research and downstream workflows in which RNAstorm™ has been used, including data on improved RNA yields and quality versus other commercially available kits.

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High Quality RNA from Fresh Cells & Tissues in Minutes

RNAstorm™ Kit for RNA Isolation from Fresh Cells and Tissues

The CELLDATA RNAstorm™ Fresh Cell and Tissue RNA Isolation Kit allows extraction of high quality total RNA from cultured cells or fresh tissue in as little as 20 minutes. High yields (up to 120 μg) can be obtained using a simple and quick column-based protocol. Contaminating DNA is removed using a DNase treatment step, and the protocol avoids toxic chemicals such as phenol or chloroform.

Features and benefits

  • High Yield: Yields up to 120 μg of total RNA
  • Rapid & Simple: 20 minute spin-column workflow, no phenol-chloroform or precipitation
  • Versatile Downstream Analysis: High quality RNA for RNA-Seq, RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, or microarrays
Product NameCatalog NumberSize
CELLDATA RNAstorm™ Fresh Cell and Tissue RNA Isolation KitCD50450 preps
Figure 1. Total RNA was extracted from 107 Jurkat cells, mouse liver tissue (~8 mg) and calf liver tissue (~17 mg) using the CELLDATA RNAstorm™ Fresh Cell and Tissue RNA Isolation Kit and a leading competitor kit. Concentrations were measured using Qubit. For all samples, higher yields were obtained using the RNAstorm™ kit.

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Eliminate RNase Activity with RNAse-X™

Protect Precious RNA Samples with RNase-X™

RNase-X™ Decontamination Solution is a ready-to-use cleaning agent for effective removal of RNase and other contaminants from working surfaces. The solution features an optimized formulation of key ingredients for maximum removal of RNase to protect precious RNA samples during purification, quantitation, amplification, and other analytical workflows. The solution may be applied to benchtops, pipets, tip boxes, and instruments as well as the outside of reaction vessels such as microfuge tubes. RNase-X™ is provided in a convenient spray bottle and performs as well as RNaseZap™ and other common decontamination reagents.

Features and benefits

  • High-performance: Effectively eliminates RNase contamination on work surfaces
  • Versatile: Ideal for cleaning benchtops, pipettors, and other tools
  • Convenient: Provided in a ready-to-use spray bottle
  • Cost-effective: Excellent performance at a lower cost compared to RNaseZap™

Figure 1. RNase-X™ effectively removes RNase from surfaces. To simulate RNase-contaminated surfaces, the insides of microfuge tubes were left untreated (water), or coated with RNase A, then rinsed with either water or RNase-X™, followed by water washes. The final water washes were incubated with total human RNA, which was then stained with EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye and analyzed on an agarose gel. First two lanes: RNA incubated with water alone. Middle two lanes: RNA incubated with the water from RNase-treated, water-rinsed tube. Last two lanes: RNA incubated with the water from RNase-treated, RNase-X™-rinsed tube.
Figure 2. Analysis of RNase activity in the final water washes in the experiment described in Figure 1 using the RNaseAlert™ assay from IDT.

RNase-X™ Decontamination Solution

Product NameCatalog NumberSize
RNase-X™ Decontamination Solution22028250 mL

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