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Primary & Secondary Antibody Conjugates

Primary Antibodies

Your choice of sizes and formats:

CF™ dye conjugates (13 colors)0.1 mg/mL100 uL or 500 uL
Biotin, HRP, or AP conjugates0.1 mg/mL100 uL or 500 uL
R-PE, APC, or Per-CP conjugates0.1 mg/mL250 uL
Purified, with BSA0.2 mg/mL100 uL or 500 uL
Purified, BSA-free (Mix-n-Stain™ Ready)1 mg/mL50 uL
Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded prostate carcinoma stained with monoclonal anti-ODC-1 clone 485.
MCF7 cells stained with CF555 anti-Cyclin B1 clone CCNB1/1098 (red), CF488A phalloidin (green), and DAPI.
Flow cytometry analysis of Jurkat cells stained with CF647 isotype control (orange) or CF647 anti-CD31 clone C31.7.
Western blot of HeLa cell lysate with CF647 anti-nucleolin clone 364-5 imaged on a Typhoon® Trio scanner.

Secondary and Anti-Tag Antibodies

        • Wide selection of host and target species and anti-tag antibodies
        • Your choice of up to 20 CF™ dye colors, R-PE, APC, HRP, AP or biotin
        • Highly cross-adsorbed, F(ab’)2 fragments, and isotype-specific options
        • Single label CF™ dye conjugates for STORM
        • Affordable 50 uL sizes available
        • Browse secondary and tag antibodies or search for antibodies below
Rat hippocampus stained with CF488A anti-NueN (neuronal nuclei, green) and rabbit anti-GFAP detected with CF680 goat anti-rabbit IgG (glia, red).
Cells stained with mouse anti-tubulin and CF568 goat anti-mouse and imaged using STORM super-resolution imaging. Image courtesy of of Sam Kenny and Professor Ke Xu, College of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley.
Western detection of mouse anti-tubulin with CF680 goat anti-mouse (red) and rabbit anti-COXIV with CF770 goat anti-rabbit (green). Blot was imaged on LI-COR® Odyssey®.

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