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Certificates of Analysis (CoA)

To request a COA please fill out the form below. If you are requesting the COA for individual components in a kit, please provide the lot number of each kit component.

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Certificates of Analysis (CoA)

To request a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), please fill out the form above. Please include the catalog number and lot number of the product or kit component.

Note: Biotium does not offer CoA documents for kits. But we can provide a CoA for individual kit components.

Biotium Product Protocols and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Looking for a product manual or SDS? Go to the Protocols & Supporting Documents section on the product ordering page (see the picture below) to download Product Information Sheets (PI) or SDS. Please only submit a document request if you need a Certificate of Analysis or other documents sent to you by email.

Where to find Product Information Sheets:

You can find Product Information Sheets/Protocols (PI), SDS, safety reports, flyers and other documents on our product ordering pages under Protocols & Supporting Documents. Click the image to enlarge.