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Viability PCR Reagents

Viability PCR is a powerful technology for the sensitive and rapid detection of viable microorganisms. Unlike time-consuming culturing methods, qPCR is a fast and sensitive method of detection. However, normal PCR does not distinguish between live and dead cells. With v-PCR using PMAxx™ or PMA, you get the speed, sensitivity and specificity of PCR, plus quantified viability. And because no culturing is required, you can even detect viable but not culturable (VBNC) bacteria. The v-PCR technology can be applied not only to bacteria but to other organisms like yeast, viruses and parasites.

As the inventor of both PMAxx™ and PMA v-PCR dyes, Biotium offers expertise, and the widest selection of v-PCR dyes, kits and accessory products.

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