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50% Off All Agarose

Save 50% on ultra-pure Agarose LE, and agarose pre-coated with GelRed® or GelGreen®, offering greater convenience and safety.

  • Use promo code AGAROSE50 at checkout
  • Valid for US customers only
  • Expires December 31, 2018
Products: Agarose LE, Ultra-Pure Molecular Biology Grade GelRed® Agarose LE GelGreen® Agarose LE

2018 Holiday Special! Save 20% on fluorescently-labeled receptor & ion channel probes.

Save on our fluorescently-labeled toxins, transferrin and cAMP probes.
Fluorescently-labeled toxins can be used to label or inhibit receptors or ion channels on neurons. Biotium offers these labeled with a variety of bright, stable CF® Dyes.  α-Bungarotoxin binds to the acetylcholine receptor. Cholera Toxin B binds to GM1 gangliosides in lipid rafts. Tetrodotoxin reversibly blocks excitable sodium channels. Transferrin binds to its receptor and is internalized by endocytosis. cAMP can be used to probe cAMP receptors.

The promotion is valid for all receptor/ion channel toxins & probes.

  • Use promo code NEURO2018 at checkout.
  • Valid for US customers only
  • Expires December 31, 2018
  • Products listed here

More information about probes for neuronal research:

25% Off Mini Syringe Filters

Receive a 25% discount on our Mini Syringe Filters

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  • Valid for US customers only
  • Expires December 31, 2018
Products: Mini Syringe Filters and Mini Syringe Filtration Kit

New Lab Startup Program

Biotium offers new labs a 25% discount for the first 6 months of account setup with Biotium.  We will also connect you with a Biotium product expert to help you find all of the products you’re going to need.


  • Starting your first lab
  • Receiving your first research grant
  • Lab located within the US

To register for the new lab program, please provide the required information and submit for review.  Once your account has been approved, we will provide you with a promotion code for use at  The code can be applied to your first 6 months of purchases.  Some limitations apply.