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Yeast Stains

Biotium offers a variety of dyes and stains that have been validated for use in yeast.

Organelle stains: MitoView™ dyes to stain mitochondria, LysoView™ dyes to stain the vacuole, Thiazole Orange to stain the nucleus.

Cell wall stains: Calcofluor White and Concanavalin A (ConA). Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA) localizes to bud scars.

Viability and metabolism: Live-or-Dye™ Fixable Live/Dead Kit, Viability Staining Kit with 3 color combos to choose from, and Vitality Staining Kit, containing the metabolic reporter ViaVac™ Red/Green (also available as a standalone dye).


    ViaFluor® SE Cell Proliferation Kits

    From: $61 Sizes: Trial size (1 vial), Set of 10 vialsCatalog #:
    , 30068, 30086-T, 30086, - 30050View allHide

    Fixable cytoplasmic stains for monitoring cell division by flow cytometry. The dyes can also be used to track cell populations in co-culture.


    LysoView™ Dyes

    From: $47 Sizes: Trial size (10 uL), 50 uL, Trial size (1 vial), Set of 10 vialsCatalog #:
    , 70086-T, 70085, 70085-T, 70084, 70084-T, 70083, 70083-T, 70058, 70059-T, 70059, 70061, 70061-T, 70058-T, 70067, 70067-T, 70066, - 70066-TView allHide

    LysoView™ fluorescent dyes label lysosomes in live cells without a wash step, and are available in multiple colors with options for super-resolution imaging.


    ViaVac™ Red/Green (FUN®1)

    From: $238 Sizes: 100 uLCatalog #: 29068

    A fluorescent vitality dye for yeast, identical in structure to the dye FUN® 1. Living yeast cells show red fluorescent vacuolar tubules.


    Yeast Live-or-Dye™ Fixable Live/Dead Staining Kit

    From: $439 Sizes: 1,000 assaysCatalog #: 31064

    A fixable, fluorescent assay to determine yeast viability. Contains two fluorescent components, Thiazole Orange and Live-or-Dye™ 568/583.


    Yeast Viability Staining Kit

    From: $475 Sizes: 1,000 assaysCatalog #:
    , 31063-2, - 31063-3View allHide

    A rapid and selective fluorescent assay to determine yeast viability in microscopy or flow cytometry applications. Contains two fluorescent components, CF® Dye-labeled Con A and Live-or-Dye™.


    Yeast Vitality Staining Kit

    From: $261 Sizes: 1,000 assaysCatalog #: 31062

    A fluorogenic assay that allows you to determine whether your yeast cells are metabolically active. Contains two fluorescent components, Calcofluor White and ViaVac™ Red/Green.


    Calcofluor White Stain, 5 mM in Water

    From: $68 Sizes: 20 mLCatalog #: 29067

    A fluorescent blue dye that binds to cellulose and chitin, which can be found in the cell walls of fungi, algae, and plants. In budding yeast Calcofluor White strongly stains bud scars.


    Concanavalin A (Con A) CF® Dye Conjugates

    From: $189 Sizes: 5 x 1 mgCatalog #:
    , 29016, 29017, 29018, 29019, 29020, 29058, 29074, 29075, - 29080View allHide

    A lectin labeled with our superior fluorescent CF® dyes is an effective and widely used cell surface stain for yeast, fungi, and mammalian cells.


    Light-on LysoView™ 555

    From: $50 Sizes: 10 uL, 50 uLCatalog #:
    , - 70060-TView allHide

    Light-On LysoView™ 555 is a red fluorogenic lysosome dye with pH-dependent fluorescence. Light-On LysoView™ dye is unique among commercially available lysosomotropic dyes in that its fluorescence in cells is activated by exposure to UV excitation.


    Thiazole Orange, 10 mM in DMSO

    From: $107 Sizes: 1 mLCatalog #: 40077

    Thiazole orange (TO) is commonly used in reticulocyte analysis to stain residual RNA of blood cells, to stain DNA in agarose gels and capillary electrophoresis. Thiazole Orange stains the yeast nucleus, and is also able to stain bacteria and mammalian cells.


    MitoView™ Mitochondrial Dyes

    From: $48 Sizes: Trial size (50 ug), 20 x 50 ugCatalog #:
    , 70070, 70054-T, 70054, 70055-T, 70055, 70075-50ug, 70075, 70068-T, - 70068View allHide

    Fluorogenic mitochondrial stains for live cells that rapidly accumulate in mitochondria and can be imaged without washing.


    Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA) Conjugates

    From: $84 Sizes: 1 mg, 5 x 1 mgCatalog #:
    , 29022, 29023, 29024, 29025, 29026, 29027, 29028, 29029, 29059, 29064, 29073, 29021-1, 29022-1, 29023-1, 29024-1, 29025-1, 29026-1, 29027-1, 29028-1, 29029-1, 29059-1, 29064-1, 29077-1, 29077, 29076-1, - 29076View allHide

    A wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) lectin labeled with Biotium’s CF® Dyes or HRP. It is a carbohydrate-binding lectin that has high affinity for sialic acid and N-acetylglucosamine and stains yeast bud scars as well as the cell membrane of gram+ bacteria and mammalian cells.