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6X GelRed® Prestain Loading Buffer with Tracking Dye

6X GelRed® Prestain Loading Buffers are DNA gel loading buffers containing GelRed® for one-step fluorescent staining and gel loading of DNA. Choose loading buffer with two blue tracking dyes or loading buffer with orange tracking dye.

TrueBlack® WB Blocking Buffer Kit

The TrueBlack® WB Blocking Buffer Kit is a ready-to-use buffer system that provides optimal specificity, sensitivity, and background signal suppression for fluorescence-based western blotting (WB).

NucView® 488 Caspase-3 Assay Kit for Live Cells

NucView® 488 Caspase-3 substrate is a novel cell membrane-permeable fluorogenic caspase substrate designed for detecting caspase-3 activity within live cells in real time.

MemBrite™ Fix Cell Surface Staining Kits

MemBrite™ Fix Cell Surface Staining Kits provide a convenient way to visualize cell boundaries in multicolor staining experiments. Staining is rapid and uniform, with a wide choice of colors. MemBrite™ Fix dyes covalently label the surface of live cells. The staining withstands fixation and permeabilization for subsequent immunofluorescence staining.

Mix-n-Stain™ CF® Dye Antibody Labeling Kits

Mix-n-Stain™ antibody labeling kits are a revolutionary antibody labeling technology that allows you to label your antibody with one of our superior CF® dyes in 30 minutes without a purification step. The labeling procedure tolerates many common buffer components and antibody stabilizers. Now with an extended shelf life of at least 1 year.

TrueBlack® Lipofuscin Autofluorescence Quencher

This unique reagent quenches lipofuscin autofluorescence in tissue sections for immunofluorescence staining and can also help to reduce autofluorescence from other sources like extracellular matrix.

AccuBlue® Broad Range RNA Quantitation Kit

This RNA quantitation kit boasts the widest linear range (5 ng–1000 ng RNA) of available RNA quantitation kits, while providing exceptional accuracy, sensitivity, and high RNA selectivity. A mammalian RNA standard is included for accurate quantitation of mammalian cell RNA.

AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit

The AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit is designed for use with handheld fluorometers such as the Qubit® fluorometer from Thermo Fisher. The AccuGreen™ kit is specific for dsDNA, and can quantify DNA samples in the range of 0.01-10 ng/uL.