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Cell Surface & Membrane Dyes

Biotium offers two new classes of dyes for covalent labeling of the cell surface that are unique in that they can withstand fixation and permeabilization for subsequent IF staining. CellBrite™ Fix dyes are fluorogenic membrane dyes that covalently stain the plasma membrane in live cells. MemBrite™ Fix dyes covalently label cell surface proteins, and are available in with a wide selection of bright and photostable colors.

We also offer classic membrane and membrane potential dyes, including CellBrite™ and CellBrite™ NIR dyes, which are lipophilic carbocyanine dyes that stain the plasma membrane of cells and are non-toxic for long-term tracking.


    CellBrite® Fix Membrane Stains

    From: $163 Sizes: Trial size (1 vial), Set of 5 vialsCatalog #:
    , 30089-T, 30088, 30088-T, 30090, - 30090-TView allHide

    Unique fluorogenic membrane dyes that covalently stain the plasma membrane in live cells, and can withstand both fixation and detergent permeabilization.


    MemBrite® Fix Cell Surface Staining Kits

    From: $188 Sizes: 100 labelings, 500 labelingsCatalog #:
    , 30092-T, 30093, 30093-T, 30094, 30094-T, 30095, 30095-T, 30096, 30096-T, 30097, 30097-T, 30098, 30098-T, 30099, 30099-T, 30101, 30101-T, 30102, 30102-T, 30103, 30103-T, 30104, - 30104-TView allHide

    Wide choice of dye colors for covalent staining the surface of live cells to conveniently visualize cell boundaries in immunofluorescence experiments.


    CellBrite® Cytoplasmic Membrane Dyes

    From: $159 Sizes: 1 mL, 50 assaysCatalog #:
    , 30021, 30022, - 30023View allHide

    Dye solutions of lipophilic carbocyanine dyes DiB, Neuro-DiO, DiI, and DiD for non-toxic labeling of cytoplasmic membranes.


    CellBrite® NIR Cytoplasmic Membrane Dyes

    From: $159 Sizes: 100 uLCatalog #:
    , 30077, 30078, - 30079View allHide

    Biotium’s CellBrite® NIR Cytoplasmic Membrane Dyes are ready-to-use dye stock solutions that can be added directly to normal culture media to uniformly label cell membranes with near-infrared lipophilic dyes.


    Concanavalin A (Con A) CF® Dye Conjugates

    From: $189 Sizes: 5 x 1 mgCatalog #:
    , 29016, 29017, 29018, 29019, 29020, 29058, 29074, 29075, - 29080View allHide

    A lectin labeled with our superior fluorescent CF® dyes is an effective and widely used cell surface stain for yeast, fungi, and mammalian cells.


    CellBrite® Steady Membrane Staining Kits

    From: $232 Sizes: 100 labelings, 500 labelingsCatalog #:
    , 30105, 30106-T, 30106, 30107-T, 30107, 30108-T, 30108, 30109-T, - 30109View allHide

    Cell surface staining kits with fluorescent membrane dye plus enhancer for imaging live cell surface for several hours to days.


    Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA) Conjugates

    From: $84 Sizes: 1 mg, 5 x 1 mgCatalog #:
    , 29022, 29023, 29024, 29025, 29026, 29027, 29028, 29029, 29059, 29064, 29073, 29021-1, 29022-1, 29023-1, 29024-1, 29025-1, 29026-1, 29027-1, 29028-1, 29029-1, 29059-1, 29064-1, 29077-1, 29077, 29076-1, - 29076View allHide

    A wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) lectin labeled with Biotium’s CF® Dyes or HRP. It is a carbohydrate-binding lectin that has high affinity for sialic acid and N-acetylglucosamine and stains yeast bud scars as well as the cell membrane of gram+ bacteria and mammalian cells.



    From: $69 Sizes: 100 mgCatalog #: 60021

    1,6-Diphenyl-1,3,5-hexatriene (DPH) is almost non-fluorescent in water, but it exhibits a strong increase in fluorescence after intercalation into membranes and can be used as a probe for viscosity, polarity and lipid order.



    From: $267 Sizes: 10 mgCatalog #: 60022

    Biotin-DHPE (N-(Biotinoyl)-1,2-dihexadecanoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine, triethylammonium salt) can be used to couple avidin or streptavidin to cell membranes or liposomes.



    From: $267 Sizes: 5 mgCatalog #: 60023

    Biotin-X-DHPE (N-((6-(Biotinoyl)amino)hexanoyl)-1,2-dihexadecanoylsn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine, triethylammonium salt) can be used to couple avidin or streptavidin to cell membranes or liposomes.



    From: $212 Sizes: 50 mgCatalog #: 60013

    DiA 4-(4-Dihexadecylaminostyryl)-N-methylpyridinium iodide) is a green fluorescent membrane dye which diffuses much faster than DiO in cell membranes. DiA and DiI (60010) have been used together for two color membrane staining.



    From: $308 Sizes: 10 mgCatalog #: 60036

    DiB is a lipophilic cationically charged blue fluorescent dye.



    From: $130 Sizes: 5 x 1 mg, 10 mgCatalog #:
    , - 60014-10mgView allHide

    DiD (DiIC18(5); 1,1′-dioctadecyl-3,3,3′,3′- tetramethylindodicarbocyanine, 4-chlorobenzenesulfonate salt) is a lipophilic carbocyanine dye similar to DiI, but with longer absorption and emission wavelengths.



    From: $136 Sizes: 50 mgCatalog #: 60010

    DiI (DiIC18(3); 1,1′-dioctadecyl-3,3,3′,3′-tetramethylindocarbocyanine) is a widely used carbocyanine membrane dye that labels cell membranes by inserting its two long (C18 carbon) hydrocarbon chains into the lipid bilayer. Particularly, it has been extensively used for the anterograde and retrograde labeling of neurons.


    DiI in Vegetable Oil

    From: $204 Sizes: 0.5 mLCatalog #: 60018

    DiI (DiIC18(3); 1,1′-dioctadecyl-3,3,3′,3′-tetramethylindocarbocyanine) uniformly dissolved in vegetable oil in a formulation optimized for microinjection. Carbocyanine microinjection has been widely used for fate mapping and cell lineage studies and for the determination of spatial organization and connectivity patterns of central nervous systems.


    Dilinoleyl DiI

    From: $308 Sizes: 5 mgCatalog #: 60034

    Dilinoleyl DiI (1,1′-dilinoleyl-3,3,3′,3′-tetramethylindocarbocynanine perchlorate), also known as FAST DiI™, has identical absorption and emission spectra as DiI (#60010) .