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Dyes for Mitochondria & Other Organelles

Biotium sells a range of dyes to stain organelles such as the mitochondria and lysosomes in cells. Many of the mitochondria dyes are dependent on mitochondrial membrane potential and can therefore be used to monitor membrane potential changes that occur during processes such as apoptosis.

MitoView™ Dyes stain the mitochondria in living cells. They come in 3 colors, including both membrane potential-dependent and -independent options. We also offer a wide selection of classical potential-dependent mitochondrial dyes such as JC-1, TMRE, TMRM.

LysoView™ Dyes stain the lysosomes in living cells. Available in 5 colors, plus a novel UV-inducible version.

LipidSpot™ stains lipid droplets, cytoplasmic organelles involved in the storage and regulation of triglycerides and cholesterol esters.