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Technology Highlight: ExoBrite™ EV Membrane Staining Kits

SEC-purified MCF-7-derived exosomes were stained with ExoBrite™ 490/515 (green) or ExoBrite™ 560/585 (orange) EV Membrane Stains. Exosomes were detected on a CytoFLEX LX flow cytometer in the FITC or PE channels.

Exosome staining you can trust

ExoBrite™ EV Membrane Staining Kits are designed for robust staining of isolated exosomes by flow cytometry or microscopy with minimal background.


  • Bright and specific staining of EV and exosome membranes
  • Suitable for both purified and bead-bound exosomes
  • Optimized for detection by flow cytometry
  • Compatible with antibody co-staining