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Antibody & Protein Labeling Kits

Rapid, convenient labeling kits with bright, photostable CF® dyes & other labels. 

Calcium & Other Ion Indicators

Wide selection of cell-permeant or impermeant fluorescent indicator dyes for calcium and more. 

Cell Viability & Apoptosis

Wide variety of assay kits for apoptosis, necrosis, and cell proliferation. 

Cellular Stains

Fluorescent stains for cell surface, nucleus, mitochondria, lysosomes, & more. 

Cellular Stains Comparison Guides

Compare applications, fixability, cellular targets, and staining in different organisms at a glance. 

Cellular Stains in Different Organisms

Compare live cell stains for mammalian cells, bacteria, or yeast. 

CF® Dye & Other Bioconjugates

Bioconjugates for a variety of applications with bright, photostable CF® dyes and other labels. 

CF® Dyes

Next-gen fluorescent dyes spanning the visible and near-infrared spectrum. 

CF® Dyes for Multi-Color Super-Resolution Microscopy

CF® dyes for super-resolution imaging by STORM, SIM, STED & other methods. 

CF®350 Dye

A bright UV-excitable blue dye. 

CF®405L Dye

Orange dye with 405 nm excitation. 

CF®405M Dye

Superior blue dye for the 405 nm laser. 

CF®405S Dye

Outshines Alexa Fluor® 405. 

CF®430 & CF®440 Dyes

Photostable 405 nm-excitable green dyes. 

CF®450 Dye

Unique, 405-excitable green fluorescent dye. 

CF®488A Dye

A superior green fluorescent dye. 

CF®514 Dye

Alternative green fluorescent dye. 

CF®532 Dye

Bright orange dye for the 532 nm laser. 

CF®535ST Dye

Orange fluorescent dye for STORM. 

CF®543 Dye

Exceptional dye for the 543 nm laser. 

CF®555 Dye

Superior, bright orange-red dye. 

CF®568 Dye

Outshines Alexa Fluor® 568. 

CF®570 & CF®583 Dyes

Bright red fluorescent dyes. 

CF®594 Dye

Truly the brightest deep-red dye. 

CF®594ST Dye

Deep red dye for STORM. 

CF®620R Dye

A spectrally unique far-red dye. 

CF®633 Dye

The best dye for 633/635 nm lasers. 

CF®640R Dye

Highly photostable far-red dye. 

CF®647 Dye

A highly fluorescent far-red dye. 

CF®660C and CF®660R Dyes

Superior alternatives to Alexa Fluor® 660. 

CF®680 and CF®680R Dyes

Outstanding 680 nm-excitable dyes. 

Considerations for Immunofluorescence Staining

An overview of different variables and techniques in immunofluorescence (IF) staining workflows. 

DNA & RNA Quantitation Kits

Precise quantitation of purified DNA & RNA samples by microplate reader or Qubit®. 

EvaGreen® Dye

Next-gen DNA dye for qPCR, HRM, & more. 

Flow Cytometry Reagents

Cell viability stains, proliferation dyes, antibodies & more for multicolor flow cytometry. 

Forget-Me-Not™ qPCR Master Mixes

High-performance, low-cost master mixes for EvaGreen® & probe qPCR. 

GelRed® & GelGreen®

Safer alternatives to Ethidium Bromide and SYBR® dyes. 

Live-or-Dye™ Fixable Viability Stains

Fixable fluorescent dead cell stains for flow cytometry or microscopy. 

Luciferase Assays

Excellent sensitivity at a fraction of the cost of other kits. 

Membrane & Cell Surface Stains Comparison

Find the right fluorescent membrane or cell surface stain for your application. 

Membrane Potential & Nerve Terminal Dyes

Cationic styrl membrane trafficking dyes & potentiometric membrane dyes. 

MemBrite™ Fix Cell Surface Stains Product Table

MemBrite™ Fix Cell Surface Staining Kits provide a convenient way to visualize cell ... 

Microbiology Products

Extensive line of fluorescence-based microbiology stains & kits. 

Mix-n-Stain™ Enzyme and Fluorescent Protein Antibody Labeling Kits

Easy antibody labeling with HRP, AP, R-PE, APC, & more. 

Molecular Biology Products

Innovative, fluorescence-based molecular biology solutions from Biotium. 

Near-Infrared CF® Dyes

Unrivaled near-IR dyes. 

Neuronal Probes and Tools

Fluorescent synaptic vesicle dyes, neuronal tracers, ion indicators, and more. 

Nucleic Acid Gel Stains

Featuring GelRed® & GelGreen®, our safer alternatives to EtBr. 

NucView® Caspase-3 Substrates

Fluorogenic substrates for following caspase-3 activity in whole cells and in real-time. 

PCR & DNA Amplification

Dyes and master mixes for qPCR, featuring Biotium’s EvaGreen® Dye. 

Primary & Secondary Antibody Conjugates

Thousands of primary and secondary antibodies with our CF® dyes and other labels. 

Protein Detection & Analysis

Innovative technologies for WB, gel staining, and protein thermal stability. 

Protein Gel Stains

Low-cost, quick, convenient, non-toxic protein gel stains. 

Reactive Dyes & Biotin

Bright & photostable CF® dyes & other labels; full selection of reactive chemistries. 

RNA & DNA Extraction Kits

Isolate superior quality RNA or DNA from FFPE tissues with CAT5™ technology. 

Secondary Antibody Product Listings

Secondary antibody catalog numbers listed by antibody and dye. 

TrueBlack® Background Reducers

Block fluorescence background from multiple sources for IF staining and western. 

Tyramide Signal Amplification

Boost your IF signal with convenient kits & the largest selection of tyramide colors. 

Viability and Apoptosis Assays for Flow Cytometry

Monitor apoptosis, necrosis, cell health, or cell proliferation by flow cytometry. 

Viability PCR

A powerful method to selectively and sensitively quantitate viable bacteria by PCR. 

ViaFluor® Cell Proliferation Kits

Lower toxicity & offer better fixability than CFSE for long-term cell tracking. 

Western Blotting & Protein Analysis

Superior solutions for western blocking, normalization, and fluorescence detection.