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Biotium Now Offering Anti-DIG and Anti-DNP CF® Dye Antibodies

New conjugates offer optimal fluorescent detection of DNP and DIG tagged nucleotides and proteins.

Fremont, CA, November 20, 2020: Biotium is announcing the release of anti-DIG and anti-DNP antibodies conjugated to a variety of CF® dyes and HRP. These new CF® dye antibodies offer optimal detection of small haptens digoxigenin (DIG) and dinitrophenol (DNP) which are commonly used as non-radioactive labels for nucleotides, proteins, and other biological molecules.

CF® dyes are a series of extremely bright and photostable fluorescent dyes developed in house by industry-leading chemists at Biotium. CF® dyes are available in over 30 different colors from blue to near-IR, and offer superior brightness and signal-to-noise when compared to other commercially available fluorescent dyes. The release of these DIG and DNP hapten antibodies offers researchers the optimal performance of CF® dyes in addition to expanding multiplexing opportunities.

The DIG Polyclonal Goat Antibody and DNP Polyclonal Rabbit Antibody will be offered with 6 CF® dyes from blue to far-red as well as HRP. CF® dye conjugates for both antibodies will be offered in 250 uL and 100 uL sizes, priced at $325 and $150 respectively. The HRP conjugates will be offered in a 100 uL size priced at $250 dollars. Biotium also offers a Mix-n-Stain™ DNP Antibody Labeling Kit and a Mix-n-Stain™ DIG Antibody Labeling Kit for rapid and efficient IgG labeling. Digoxigenin-dUTP is also available for enzymatic incorporation into DNA.