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Biotium Releases New qPCR Passive Reference Dye that Frees Up the ROX Channel

Fremont, CA, July 13, 2021: Biotium, a leading life science reagent supplier and creator of the industry leading EvaGreen® and EvaGreen® Plus qPCR dyes, announces the release of VeriFluor™ Far-Red Passive Reference Dye. This new reference dye may be used as a drop-in replacement for Mustang Purple™ on compatible qPCR instruments. This allows more flexibility when designing multiplex qPCR reactions.

A reference dye is typically included in qPCR reactions to provide a steady fluorescent signal that allows the instrument to compensate for well-to-well variations, normalizing the reporter dye signal during PCR amplification. VeriFluor™ Far-Red Passive Reference Dye is an inert dye specially designed to offer robust and reliable fluorescent signal while avoiding the use of the ROX channel for multiplex assays. In addition, VeriFluor™ Far-Red has demonstrated insensitivity to common buffer additives such as DTT, a reducing agent typically used in DNA extraction protocols that has been shown to quench Mustang Purple™. VeriFluor™ Far-Red also pairs exceptionally well with Biotium’s EvaGreen®-based Forget-Me-Not™ Mixes, or can be used with other commercially available master mixes.

Biotium offers a wide selection of industry-leading products for quantitative PCR. With the launch of VeriFluor™ Far-Red Passive Reference Dye, Biotium continues to expand its library of unique fluorescent tools for PCR and other molecular biology applications.

VeriFluor™ Far-Red Passive Reference Dye, 400X in Water will be available on July 13 2021, in two sizes, 50 uL and 500 uL, starting at $100. For more information, or to order VeriFluor™ Far-Red Passive Reference Dye, visit the product page.