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Biotium's Response to COVID-19


Supporting research in the fight against SARS-CoV-2.

Dear customers,

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the seven Bay Area counties have issued a mandatory Shelter-In-Place order until May 3rd, resulting in the closure of all non-essential businesses. As a supplier of life science reagents that are critical for the infrastructure of local health systems, the government has granted Biotium an exemption status to this order. As a result, Biotium will be conducting limited operations during this period to secure the supply lines that are essential for maintaining local health services. We’d like to let you know that Biotium is here to support you and remains an integral part of the scientific community as we continue to provide reagents for essential diagnostic services and R&D.

Keeping employees safe

Employee health and safety remains a top priority at Biotium. To this end we have implemented strong mitigation measures which follow strict guidance by the CDC and our local health departments to protect the health of our employees and our community. These measures include limiting the number of on-site employees, stringent social distancing guidelines, suspending all travel, and promoting remote work as much as possible.

Serving customers

Despite these mitigation measures, our team continues to adapt and we are no less committed toward ensuring an unhindered supply of critical reagents for COVID-19 research and diagnostic operations. In addition, our Customer and Technical Service teams are working remotely and will continue to provide support for orders and our products.

Biotium is proud to continue supporting your COVID-19 research needs with innovative tools and solutions.

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