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CellBrite™ Steady Membrane Staining Kits

Cell surface staining kits with fluorescent membrane dye plus enhancer for imaging live cell surface for several hours to days.

GelRed® Nucleic Acid Gel Stain

Ultra sensitive and environmentally safe replacement for EtBr DNA/RNA gel stain.

TrueBlack® Lipofuscin Autofluorescence Quencher

This unique reagent quenches lipofuscin autofluorescence in tissue sections for immunofluorescence staining and can also help to reduce autofluorescence from other sources like extracellular matrix.

NucView® 405 Caspase-3 Substrate, 1 mM in DMSO

Blue fluorescent caspase-3/7 substrate for detecting apoptosis in intact cells by confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, or live cell imaging.

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