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Tech Tip: Protocols and Tips for Success with the EvaEZ™ Fluorometric Polymerase Activity Assay Kit

EvaEZ™ is a fluorescence-based assay that allows you to quantitate DNA polymerase activity without using radioisotopes. While the assay is simple to use, there are many factors that can affect the quality of your data. In this article, we’ve outlined our advice for getting the best results using our EvaEZ™ Assay with your enzyme.

The article includes:

  • Tips for setting up your instrument and samples
  • Performing an assay with a titration of standard enzyme
  • Calculating initial slopes and graphing standard curves
  • Calculating nucleotide incorporation
  • Using hotstart polymerase in the EvaEZ™ assay
  • Tips on optimizing assay linearity and improving accuracy