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EvaGreen® PCR for Point-of-Care Ebola Diagnosis

The ability to quickly diagnose infectious diseases such as Ebola in the field is crucial for mounting an effective response during an epidemic. PCR and RT-PCR are fast and sensitive methods of diagnosis, but often involve large and complicated equipment, making them difficult to perform in remote locations. In a recent issue of Analytical Chemistry, Ahrberg and colleagues report the usage of EvaGreen® dye from Biotium to perform real-time PCR in a small, handheld device. Using their device, they were able to measure Ebola RNA transcript levels in just 37 minutes.

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Ahrberg CD, Manz A, Neužil P. Palm-Sized Device for Point-of-Care Ebola Detection. Anal. Chem., 2016, 88 (9), pp 4803–4807. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.6b00278


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