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Biotium Offers a New Live-Cell Mitochondrial Stain Compatible with Downstream Immunofluorescence

Biotium introduces MitoView™ Fix 640, a new fixable mitochondrial stain for long-term live-cell imaging, expanding dye choices for studying cellular function using microscopy and flow cytometry.

Fremont, CA, February 1, 2021: Biotium, a leading provider of novel products for fluorescence imaging, introduces a fixable mitochondrial stain to their product line of organelle stains. MitoView™ Fix 640 is a far-red fluorescent live-cell mitochondrial stain that retains crisp and specific staining after PFA or methanol fixation and detergent treatment.

Mitochondria are critical cellular structures and can be important for understanding changes in cells in response to disease. MitoView™ Fix 640 is a bright and photostable far-red dye that stains mitochondria in live cells and attaches to proteins in the mitochondrial membrane covalently. This results in stable staining that is retained in live cells for days. The staining remains stable and specific after fixation with formaldehyde or methanol and withstands permeabilization and subsequent immunofluoresence protocols. Staining with MitoView™ Fix 640 shows better specificity after fixation compared to MitoTracker® Deep Red and other mitochondrial stains currently available.

With the addition of MitoView™ Fix 640, Biotium adds to its growing catalog of organelle specific dyes and demonstrates Biotium’s commitment to developing products that drive discovery in life science and medical research. MitoView™ Fix 640  will be available starting February 2021 and is sold for research purposes as one or ten vials of 50 ug each. For more information, or to order MitoView™ Fix 640, visit the product page.

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