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Biotium Offers New Convenient Flow Cytometry Sampler Kits for Fixable Viability Stains

Live-or-Dye™ Sampler Kits provide cost-effective option for customers analyzing viability while optimizing their own flow cytometry panels.

Fremont, CA, September 18, 2020: Biotium is broadening their line of Live-or-Dye™ Fixable Viability Staining Kits with the release of two sampler kits. These new kits offer a convenient and cost-effective option for customers who are optimizing their flow cytometry panel. The sampler kits come in two variations, a standard kit with five colors for common flow cytometry laser and filter configurations, and a spectral kit with five colors selected to fill gaps in panels for spectral scanning flow cytometry. Live-or-Dye™ stains are cell membrane-impermeant, amine-reactive dyes that offer bright and stable dead cell staining. The stains are available in 14 colors, the largest selection of viability dyes anywhere including  a near-IR option (787/808) for the 785 nm/808 nm laser, for greater flexibility in panel design. This coupled with exceptional brightness, live/dead separation, and staining that withstands fixation and permeabilization confirms Live-or-Dye™ stains as a clear choice for cell viability.

Biotium is also keenly focused on supporting new spectral cytometry technology that is capable of supporting highly complex panels of 30-40 colors. Consequently, the need for spectrally unique dyes to fill these panels for high-dimensional analysis is growing. Biotium continues to innovate and has released four unique Live-or-Dye™ colors specifically to fill gaps in spectral flow panels. These four Live-or-Dye™ colors (375/600, 510/550, 615/740, 665/685) plus UV excitable 350/448 are included with the Live-or-Dye™ spectral sampler kit.