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Biotium Unveils A New And Improved Version Of Their Industry-Leading qPCR Dye.

EvaGreen® Plus Dye offers superior signal-to noise over the original EvaGreen® Dye, for higher sensitivity in DNA detection applications.

Fremont, CA, March 01, 2020: Biotium, a provider of innovative fluorescent tools for life science research, released a new version of their industry-leading qPCR EvaGreen® Dye. The new version EvaGreen® Plus, boasts superior signal-to-noise over the original EvaGreen® Dye. This allows for higher sensitivity, which is critical for endpoint DNA detection applications such as digital PCR, and LAMP.

Biotium’s original EvaGreen® Dye, validated in thousands of publications, already offers key advantages over other commonly used qPCR dyes, including lower PCR inhibition and HRM compatibility, in addition to being non-toxic and mutagenic. EvaGreen® Plus offers all the advantages of the original EvaGreen® Dye, while also boasting improved signal-to-noise. In addition, EvaGreen® Plus dye features an excitation maximum that is a better fit for common qPCR instruments, which also contributes toward improved sensitivity. These properties are particularly advantageous for digital PCR and isothermal amplification applications such as LAMP.

EvaGreen® Plus Dye, is currently offered in a 20X water solution and is available in a single 1 mL trial size, or in a full-size kit of 5 x 1 mL tubes.

The release of EvaGreen® Plus Dye adds to Biotium’s expanding selection of innovative products for PCR and DNA amplification. Among these products are Biotium’s Cheetah™ Hot-Start Taq Polymerase, and Forget-Me-Not™ Master Mixes available for EvaGreen® Dye-based detection or fluorescent probe-based detection.