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EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye

Sensitive and easy-to-use RNA prestain loading dye allows RNA to be evaluated on a regular agarose gel.

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Store at -10 to -35 °C, Protect from light

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4 x 1 mL
250 uL
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Product Description

EMBER500™ RNA Prestain Loading Dye is a convenient reagent for single-step denaturing, staining, and loading of RNA for gel analysis. The loading dye contains EMBER500™, a bright and versatile fluorescent DNA and RNA binding dye with broad instrument compatibility.

  • Fast, simple, and super-bright fluorescent RNA prestain
  • Denaturing loading dye allows RNA to be run on a regular agarose gel
  • Evaluate total RNA integrity and DNA contamination
  • Far more sensitive than EtBr prestaining
  • Compatible with UV or blue LED gel imagers and commonly used filters

EMBER500™ prestaining gives much brighter signal and higher sensitivity than ethidium bromide prestaining. The dye stains RNA and DNA, allowing the detection of contaminating genomic DNA in purified RNA samples. The prestaining procedure is simpler, faster, and more sensitive than post-electrophoresis gel staining, and allows the use of a native agarose gel instead of a complicated and hazardous denaturing gel. EMBER500™ staining can be imaged using a UV transilluminator with standard filters, and also is compatible with blue LED gel imagers, which eliminate UV exposure hazards.

The loading dye is supplied at 2X concentration. It contains formamide for denaturing RNA, and the electrophoresis tracking dyes bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol, which migrate in agarose gels at ~300 bp and ~3 kb respectively.

Note that EMBER500™ prestaining is not recommended for analyzing low molecular weight RNA or ssDNA, or for staining denaturing gels such as formaldehyde, glyoxal, or urea gels. For these applications, we recommend performing post-staining with Oxazole Gold.


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