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Best dyes for quantification of low amounts of DNA

In this age of powerful molecular genetic and sequencing techniques, accurate and sensitive quantitation of DNA samples can be extremely important. There are many different DNA quantitation dyes available, each with distinct properties. One property that is of particular interest is the ability to accurately quantify low quantities of DNA, usually in the pg to ng range. In a recent issue of Analytical Biochemistry, Bruijns et al. from Saxion University of Applied Sciences compared several DNA binding dyes (EvaGreen®, SYBR® Green, PicoGreen®, AccuClear™, AccuBlue NextGen™, and YOYO®-1) for their ability to quantify DNA in the pg-ng range. They found that four of the dyes (EvaGreen®, PicoGreen®, AccuClear™ and AccuBlue NextGen™) showed linearity in the ng range. Of these, AccuClear™ had the widest linear range, and AccuBlue NextGen™ had the highest sensitivity, ie. the lowest limit of detection. For those researchers who rely on accurate DNA quantitation, this paper can help them make an informed decision on the best DNA quantitation method for their application.

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Bruijns, R. Tiggelaar, H. Gardeniers, Fluorescent cyanine dyes for the quantification of low amounts of dsDNA. Analytical Biochemistry (2016), doi: 10.1016/j.ab.2016.07.022

The linear range of the AccuBlue NextGen assay is 5 pg-5 ng.

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