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Biotium Debuts Novel Cell Surface Staining Kits for Long-Term Imaging

New CellBrite® Steady Kits offer bright and selective staining of the cell surface for several days in culture.

Fremont, CA, May 22, 2020: Biotium, a leading provider of novel fluorescence technologies for research, introduces a new family of products to their industry-leading line of CellBrite® cell surface probes. These new CellBrite® Steady Membrane Staining Kits are designed specifically for long-term cell surface labeling in live cells. These kits contain novel fluorescent membrane probes that are non-toxic and distribute between the cell surface and intracellular compartments, allowing cells to retain cell surface staining for several days. This greatly contrasts with commonly used lipophilic cell surface probes, such as DiI, DiO, and DiD, which are rapidly lost from the cell surface through endocytosis.

“We have seen a strong interest from customers in being able to visualize cell boundaries in culture over the course of hours to days. However, this is often not possible due to rapid internalization of traditional membrane dyes.” Says Lori Roberts PhD, Director of Bioscience at Biotium. “Our new CellBrite Steady dyes and Enhancer provide a unique solution to this problem.”

CellBrite® Steady Membrane Staining Kits also include an optional CellBrite® Steady Enhancer solution that can be used to mask intracellular signal for more selective cell surface imaging. The kits are available in 5 colors from blue to near-infrared in both full and trial sizes. CellBrite® Steady 550, 650, and 685 fluorophores are also compatible with super-resolution imaging by STORM. In addition, CellBrite® Steady 488, 550, and 650 have been validated for staining extracellular vesicles (EVs).

These new CellBrite® Steady probes are a prime example of the strong partnership between Biotium biologists and chemists; a partnership dedicated toward producing novel molecular tools that resolve unmet challenges in research. With the release of CellBrite® Steady Membrane Staining Kits, Biotium continues to grow its repertoire of cutting-edge tools for cell and organelle staining. Biotium products for cell surface labeling also includes the original lipophilic CellBrite® Cytoplasmic Membrane Dyes, in addition to fixable cell surface labeling products CellBrite® Fix Membrane Stains and MemBrite® Fix Cell Surface Staining Kits.