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CELLDATA DNAstorm™/RNAstorm™ 2.0 Combination Kit

A combination kit for dual extraction of DNA and RNA from a single FFPE sample, featuring proprietary CAT5™ technology.

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Formalin-fixed tissue samples are a challenge for nucleic acid extraction, often resulting in low yields of amplifiable DNA/RNA and poor performance in subsequent steps involving enzymatic manipulation, including reverse transcription and sequencing library preparation. Powered by proprietary CAT5™ technology, the CELLDATA DNAstorm™/RNAstorm™ 2.0 Combination Kit enhances the removal of formaldehyde-induced damage and provides dual DNA and RNA extraction with higher yield and quality. This allows for improved amplifiability for applications such as RNA-seq, qPCR, microarray, or other gene expression analysis.

  • Extract higher yields of DNA and RNA from a single FFPE tissue sample
  • CAT5™ technology for chemical reversal of formaldehyde crosslinking
  • Milder conditions and no harsh solvents
  • Higher quality DNA/RNA with less fragmentation
  • Better results in downstream analysis like PCR, microarray, or next-generation sequencing
  • Simple spin column-based workflow

Note: This kit is a replacement for catalog number CD503. It uses a modified deparaffinization protocol with a new Dewaxing Solution (provided in the kit). The new kit retains the same proprietary CAT5™ catalytic technology for highly efficient reversal of formaldehyde crosslinks as the original kit.

For extracting either RNA or DNA from FFPE tissues, please see our CELLDATA RNAstorm™ 2.0 FFPE RNA Extraction Kit (CD506) and CELLDATA DNAstorm™ 2.0 FFPE DNA Extraction Kit (CD507). We also offer the RNAstorm™ RNA Isolation Kit for purifying RNA from fresh or frozen cells/tissue samples.

RNAstorm™ and DNAstorm™ FFPE Extraction Kits

Product NameCatalog NumberSize
CELLDATA RNAstorm™ 2.0 FFPE RNA Extraction KitCD50650 preps
CELLDATA DNAstorm™ 2.0 FFPE DNA Extraction KitCD50750 preps
CELLDATA DNAstorm™/RNAstorm™ 2.0 Combination KitCD50850 preps
CELLDATA DNAstorm™ 2.0 MagBead FFPE DNA Extraction KitCD509-9696 preps



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