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Cyanine Dye Aminooxy

Cyanine dyes with an aminooxy reactive group are useful for fluorescently labeling aldehyde or ketone groups on target molecules such as polysaccharids, glycoproteins or antibodies. We offer Cyanine 555 and Cyanine 647, structurally identical to Cy®3 and Cy®5 respectively, from GE Healthcare.


Product Attributes

Dye Color

Cyanine 555, Cyanine 647

Chemical reactivity (reacts with)


Functional group

Aminooxy (hydroxylamine)

Storage Conditions

Store at -10 to -35 °C, Protect from light

Dye Color
Note: Due to operating restrictions related to our COVID-19 response, primary antibody conjugates of R-PE, APC, PerCP, HRP, or AP are temporarily unavailable. All other antibody options are still available. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please see our easy-to-use Mix-n-Stain™ Antibody Labeling Kits for labeling antibodies with R-PE, APC, tandem dyes, and enzymes.
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Product Description

Cyanine dye with an aminooxy reactive group can be used to fluorescently label target molecules with an aldehyde or ketone group. Aminooxy group readily reacts with an aldehyde or ketone group to form a stable oxime linkage without the use of reducing agents. We offer Cyanine 647 Aminooxy and Cyanine 555 Aminooxy.

  • React with aldehyde/ketone groups on target molecules.
  • Structurally identical to Cy®3 and Cy®5 dyes from GE Healthcare.

Cyanine 555 (aka Cy®3):

  • λExEm (water) = 555/565 nm
  • Dark blue solid soluble in water, DMF and DMSO
  • C38H48F6N4O12S2
  • MW: 931


Cyanine 647 (aka Cy®5):

  • λExEm (water) = 650/665 nm
  • Dark blue solid soluble in water, DMF and DMSO
  • C40H50F6N4O12S2
  • MW: 957


Also see our CF® Dye Aminooxy, available in a wide selection of our bright and photostable CF® dyes.

Cy3 and Cy5 are registered trademarks of GE Healthcare.

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