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CF® Dye & Biotin SE Protein Labeling Kits

Kits for succinimidyl ester labeling antibodies or other proteins with Biotium’s next-generation CF® dyes or biotin. 3 x 1 mg labeling reactions per kit.

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Product Description

This kit contains reagents for labeling antibodies or other proteins with a fluorescent CF® dye succinimidyl ester (CF® dye SE) or biotin succinimidyl ester (biotin SE). Learn more about next-generation CF® dyes with superior brightness, photostability, and water solubility compared to other fluorescent dyes.


  • 3 labeling reactions of 1 mg each
  • Choice of biotin or CF® dyes ranging from UV to near-IR
  • Includes buffers & ultrafiltration vials for labeling & purification

Kit Components

  • Lyophilized CF® Dye SE or Biotin SE (3 vials)
  • Anhydrous DMSO
  • Sodium Bicarbonate Solution, pH 8.3
  • 1X PBS, pH 7.4
  • Ultrafiltration Vials, 10K MWCO (3 vials)
  • Reaction Vials (3 vials)
  • Storage Vials (3 vials)

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CF® Dye & Biotin SE Protein Labeling Kits

SE Protein Labeling KitEx/EmSizeCatalog No.Dye Features
CF®350347/448 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92210CF®350 Features
CF®405S404/431 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92211CF®405S Features
CF®405M408/452 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92212CF®405M Features
CF®405L395/545 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92228CF®405L Features
CF®488A490/515 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92213CF®488A Features
CF®532527/558 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92208CF®532 Features
CF®543541/560 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92209CF®543 Features
CF®555555/565 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92214CF®555 Features
CF®568562/583 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92215CF®568 Features
CF®594593/614 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92216CF®594 Features
CF®633630/650 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92217CF®633 Features
CF®640R642/662 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92225CF®640R Features
CF®647650/665 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92218CF®647 Features
CF®660R663/682 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92219CF®660R Features
CF®660C667/685 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92223CF®660C Features
CF®680681/698 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92220CF®680 Features
CF®680R680/701 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92226CF®680R Features
CF®750755/777 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92221CF®750 Features
CF®770770/797 nm3 x 1 mg labelings92222CF®770 Features
BiotinN/A3 x 1 mg labelings92224


Download a list of CF® dye references.


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