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DNAstorm™ Kit for Isolation of DNA from FFPE Tissue Samples

Superior DNA extraction from FFPE samples, due to the enhanced removal of formaldehyde-induced damage, providing DNA with higher yield and quality and greater amplifiability.

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Product Description

Powered by proprietary CAT5™ technology, the DNAstorm™ extraction kit enhances the removal of formaldehyde-induced damage and provides DNA with higher yield and quality and greater amplifiability. The DNAstorm™ kit is the best solution for next-generation sequencing and other advanced applications.

We also offer the RNAstorm™ kit for extraction of high-quality RNA from FFPE tissue samples.

The RNAstorm™ and DNAstorm™ kits can be combined to obtain both pure DNA and RNA from the same tissue section. See our App Note – Dual DNA and RNA Extraction From a Single FFPE Sample.

Advantages of the DNAstorm™ Kit
  • Proprietary extraction technology results in high yields of high-quality DNA
  • Simple and convenient workflow
Applications for DNA isolated from the DNAstorm™ Kit
  • Next generation sequencing
  • PCR
DNA from four different FFPE tumor samples (colorectal, lung, bladder, and esophagus) was extracted using the DNAstorm™ FFPE kit along with a popular competitor’s kit. Equal amounts (500 ng) of DNA were loaded and run on a pulsed field gel. Significant improvements in average DNA size are seen using the DNAstorm™ kit. “Kit R” represents a competitive commercial DNA FFPE extraction kit.

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