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Mini Syringe Filters and Mini Syringe Filtration Kit

Sterile 0.22 um filters are useful for filtering 100 uL to 1 mL of aqueous solutions with only 10 uL hold-up volume. Ultra-low protein binding, suitable for filtering our azide-free Annexin V and other solutions for live cell imaging.

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Product Description

Mini Syringe Filters are 4 mm, 0.22 um sterile filters for filter sterilization of 100 uL to 1 mL of aqueous solution with only 10 uL hold-up volume. They are suitable for filtering solutions of our Azide-Free CF® Dye Annexin V Conjugates and other solutions for live cell imaging. For convenience, we offer these filters in a pack of 5 or in a kit for filtering 5 samples. For aqueous solutions, not compatible with DMSO (see the product information sheet for more information on chemical compatibility).

Filter specifications

  • Millex®-GV hydrophilic 0.22 um pore size PVDF membrane
  • Ultra-low protein binding
  • 4 mm diameter, 19.7 mm height
  • Female Luer-Lok® inlet
  • Male Luer slip outlet, stepped
  • Filter 100 uL to 1 mL with only 10 uL hold-up volume
  • Ethylene oxide sterilized


Mini Syringe Filters (22025):

  • Pack of 5 individually wrapped sterile filters

Mini Syringe Filtration Kit (22026):

  • 5 Individually wrapped sterile filters
  • 5 Individually wrapped sterile 1 cc slip-tip syringes
  • Pack of 5 sterile self-standing 2 mL screw cap vials with O-ring
Millex is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA. Luer-Lok is a registered trademark of Becton Dickinson

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