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RuBP-4S ([Ruthenium(bathophenanthroline)(bis(bathophenanthrolinedisulfonate))],disodium salt) is a luminescent ruthenium complex similar to RuBPS (80021).

Product Attributes

Cellular localization

Fluid phase tracer

Cell permeability

Membrane impermeant




462 (broad)/603 nm

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Product Description

RuBP-4S ([Ruthenium(bathophenanthroline)(bis(bathophenanthrolinedisulfonate))],disodium salt) is a luminescent ruthenium complex similar to RuBPS (80021). Two of the bathophenanthroline ligands are bis-sulfonated while the third bathophenanthroline ligand is neutral, resulting in an overall double negative charges of the ruthenium complex. RuBP-4Sshares the spectral properties of RuBPS and may also have similar applications.

  • λExEm(H2O)= 462 (broad)/603 nm
  • Yellow solid soluble in water
  • Store at 4°C and protect from light
  • C72H44N6Na2O12RuS4
  • MW: 1460.46


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