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From FFPE Samples, Fresh Tissues & Cells, or Agarose Gel

Isolation nucleic acid from FFPE samples with high yield and quality using CAT5™ technology
High quality RNA in as little as 20 minutes
DNA isolation from agarose gels

RNA & DNA Isolation from FFPE Tissue Samples

Formalin-fixed tissue samples are a challenge for RNA and DNA extraction, often resulting in low yields and poor performance in subsequent steps. Most existing methods rely on heat to remove crosslinks and adducts, which is only partially effective and leads to additional fragmentation of labile nucleic acids. In contrast, the catalytic CAT5™ technology, built on research initiated at Stanford University, greatly accelerates the removal of formaldehyde damage and allows recovery of higher quality nucleic acids. This results in higher yields, more intact RNA or DNA, and better results in downstream analysis like PCR, microarray, or next-generation sequencing (NGS).

CAT5™ catalytic technology

• Chemical reversal of formaldehyde crosslinking
• Effective: Higher yields compared to other methods
• Gentle: Milder conditions and no harsh solvents
• Higher quality RNA or DNA with less fragmentation


RNAstorm™ Kit for Isolation of RNA from FFPE Tissue Samples

Powered by proprietary CAT5™ technology, the RNAstorm™ FFPE isolation kit enhances the removal of formaldehyde-induced damage and purifies RNA with higher yield and quality, better integrity, and greater amplifiability.
The superior quality of RNAstorm-derived RNA has been demonstrated in many ways, including higher RIN score, higher yield, higher DV200, and improved RNA-seq alignment. According to a tech note from Illumina, the best predictor of successful performance in Illumina RNA-seq is the DV200 score, which represents the percentage of RNA fragments longer than 200 nucleotides. Whether you are performing RNA-seq, RT-qPCR, microarray, or other gene expression analysis, the RNAstorm™ kit is your best chance for success.

Comparison of RNA recovery by quantitative RT-PCR from FFPE tissues. “Q” represents a competitive commercial FFPE extraction kit.

DNAstorm™ Kit for Isolation of DNA from FFPE Tissue Samples

Using the same CAT5™ technology as the RNAstorm™ kit, the DNAstorm™ FFPE isolation kit enhances the removal of formaldehyde-induced damage and provides DNA with higher yield, quality and greater amplifiability. The DNAstorm™ kit is the best solution for NGS, qPCR, and other advanced DNA analysis applications.

DNA from four different FFPE tumor samples (colorectal, lung, bladder, and esophagus) was extracted using the DNAstorm™ FFPE kit along with a popular competitor’s kit. Equal amounts (500 ng) of DNA were loaded and run on a pulsed field gel. Significant improvements in average DNA size are seen using the DNAstorm™ kit. “Kit R” represents a competitive commercial DNA FFPE extraction kit.




Peer-reviewed studies demonstrate the RNAstorm™ FFPE RNA Extraction Kit yields high amounts of quality RNA for diverse applications.

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RNAstorm™ and DNAstorm™ FFPE Extraction Kits

Product NameCatalog NumberSize
CELLDATA RNAstorm™ 2.0 FFPE RNA Extraction KitCD50650 preps
CELLDATA DNAstorm™ 2.0 FFPE DNA Extraction KitCD50750 preps
CELLDATA DNAstorm™/RNAstorm™ 2.0 Combination KitCD50850 preps
CELLDATA DNAstorm™ 2.0 MagBead FFPE DNA Extraction KitCD509-9696 preps

RNA isolation from fresh tissue and cells

Purify high quality total RNA from either cultured cells or fresh tissue in as little as 20 minutes. High yields (up to 120 μg) can be obtained using a simple and quick column-based protocol. Contaminating DNA is removed using a DNase treatment step, and the protocol avoids toxic chemicals such as phenol or chloroform.

Advantages of the RNAstorm™ RNA Isolation Kit

  • High quality total RNA in as little as 20 minutes
  • Simple workflow yielding up to 120 μg of RNA
  • DNase treatment included
  • No phenol-chloroform and no ethanol precipitation
  • Ready to use for next-generation sequencing (RNA-Seq), RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, and microarrays
Product NameCatalog NumberSize
CELLDATA RNAstorm™ Fresh Cell and Tissue RNA Isolation KitCD50450 preps
Total RNA was extracted from 107 Jurkat cells, mouse liver tissue (~8 mg) and calf liver tissue (~17 mg) using the RNAstorm™ RNA Isolation Kit and a leading competitor kit. Concentrations were measured using Qubit. For all samples, higher yields were obtained using the RNAstorm™ kit.

DNA Gel Extraction Kit

Biotium’s DNA Gel Extraction Kit is a silica-gel spin column based DNA extraction kit designed to purify 40 bp-40 kb DNA fragments from agarose gels in TAE or TBE buffer. Each column has a maximum binding capacity of 10 ug DNA. Biotium’s DNA Gel Extraction Kit removes GelRed™ and GelGreen™ Nucleic Acid Gel Stains, along with other commonly used nucleic acid gel stains. The purified DNA is compatible with common downstream applications such as transformation, sequencing, PCR, and restriction digests.

Product NameCatalog NumberSize
DNA Gel Extraction Kit31030-5050 assays
31030-250250 assays

CELLDATA RNAstorm™ FFPE RNA Extraction Kit

Sizes: 50 prepsCatalog #: #CD501, CD503

DNA Gel Extraction Kit

From: $119 Sizes: 50 assays, 250 assaysCatalog #:
, - 31030-50View allHide

CELLDATA RNAstorm™ Fresh Cell and Tissue RNA Isolation Kit

From: $270 Sizes: 50 prepsCatalog #: CD504

Ultrafiltration Vials

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