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Can I remove EverBrite™ Mounting Medium from my samples after mounting?

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EverBrite™ wet-set mounting medium is an aqueous, glycerol-containing medium. It can be removed from samples by washing several times with PBS or other buffer. However, washing with PBS will not remove DAPI staining.

For coverslips mounted on slides with EverBrite™ Hardset or EverBrite™ wet-set medium, the slides can be soaked in PBS in a slide jar for several hours with gentle agitation until the coverslip slides off (avoid prying or pulling the coverslip, which could damage the sample). Then wash the slide several times to remove any remaining mounting medium. If the coverslips have been sealed with CoverGrip™ Coverslip Sealant, soaking in PBS will remove the sealant as well. Other methods may be required to remove other types of coverslip sealants.

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