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How does the Steady-Luc™ Firefly HTS Assay compare to Promega’s One-Glo™ Luciferase Assay and Steady-Glo® Assay?

We haven’t done a side-by-side comparison of the One-Glo™ and Steady-Luc™ assays, but based on the comparison of One-Glo and Steady-Glo on Promega’s website, we expect the signal from Steady-Luc™ assay to similar to that of the Steady-Glo™.

Our Steady-Luc™ reagent is a homogenous luciferase assay that can be added directly to culture medium like One-Glo™ reagent, and the Steady-Luc™ working solution is stable for at least 18 hours at RT.

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