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I purchased a solid dye or compound, but it looks like there’s nothing in the vial. Should I request a replacement?

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Some of our products are packaged from a solution followed by solvent evaporation or lyophilization. If the chemical compound is very lightly colored or colorless and in small quantity, it may become thinly coated on the wall of the vial, making the vial appear empty. So, before you ask for a replacement, please inspect the vial carefully.

To dissolve lyophilized compounds, simply add the appropriate volume of the recommended solvent to the vial to make the desired concentration stock solution, and swirl or gently vortex to mix. Make sure the solvent comes in contact with the inside walls of the vial to fully recover the product.

Note that blue fluorescent dyes such as CF™350, CF™405M, and CF™405S are colorless or very pale yellow, and may be difficult to see.

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