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My Biotium antibody was shipped at room temperature. Does shipping temperature affect antibody performance?

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Biotium ships all antibodies (primary, secondary and conjugates) at room temperature. We guarantee their quality and performance under these conditions based upon our stability testing. Antibodies were subjected to accelerated stability testing by storing them at various temperatures (4°C, room temperature, or 37°C) for 1 week to mimic simulated shipping conditions and tested in immunostaining experiments. All antibodies showed the expected brightness and specificity, even after storage at sub-optimal temperatures for a week or longer. You can also download our Product Storage Statement here.

In line with our goal to be more environmentally friendly by reducing the use of excess packaging, and lowering shipping costs for our customers, products that have passed our stability testing are shipped at room temperature.

Once you have received the antibody vial, please follow the long-term storage instructions on the product information (PI) sheet.

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