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Do I need to purify the DNA after PMA or PMAxx™ treatment, or can I do PCR directly on the sample?

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In our standard viability PCR assay protocols we say that following PMA treatment, DNA should be purified from the cells before being used as a template for PCR. However there have been reports of the successful use of bacterial cell lysates in viability PCR following PMA treatment. The main consideration is to ensure that all of the dye is efficiently photolysed before preparing the lysate.  Unreacted PMA dye in the lysate could potentially inhibit the PCR reaction by binding to the DNA or polymerase. If you are considering trying this, we would suggest pelleting the cells after dye and light treatment to remove the excess free dye from the solution. In addition, control experiments should be performed to determine the ideal PMA and light treatment conditions that result in no PCR inhibition.

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