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Uneven or non-uniform staining with CellBrite™ Red

CellBrite™ dyes are ready-to-use solutions of the lipophilic carbocyanine dyes DiI, DiO etc. It is challenging to get uniform labeling with CellBrite™ dyes due to their hydrophobicity, CellBrite™ Red (#30023), which is DiD is particularly difficult as the hydrophobic dye tends to aggregate and give uneven staining. Warming the dye vial to ~50°C to dissolve any dye aggregates before staining could be tried. Also rather than adding the dye directly to the medium, we recommend diluting in it medium (1:200 dilution) first, and then adding the medium with the dye to the cells.

Alternatively, for live cell staining, CellBrite™ Steady or the reactive dyes CellBrite™ Fix or MemBrite™ Fix would be more suitable as they result in more even staining.

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