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What are the chemical structures of CF™ dyes?

The exact chemical structures of CF dyes are currently confidential but will be fully disclosed at a later stage when pending patents become granted. In general terms, the structure of a CF dye may be divided into two parts: a) dye core structure (i.e. the aromatic ring skeleton that defines the dye’s color or absorption/emission wavelengths), and b) core structure-modifying elements. At present, CF dyes bear the core structures of coumarin, pyrene, rhodamine or cyanine dyes. Blue fluorescent CF dyes are based on coumarin or pyrene dye core structure, while green to near-IR CF dyes are based on either cyanine or rhodamine dye core structures. Core structure-modifying elements refer to various chemical attachments to the core structure and are a key aspect of the CF dye invention that makes CF dyes superior to other commercial dyes.

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