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HotStart Polymerase Modification Kit

A simple kit for reversibly modifying thermostable DNA polymerases, rendering the enzyme inactive and preventing primer dimers during reaction set-up.

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Storage Conditions

Store at -10 to -35 °C

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Product Description

The HotStart Polymerase Modification Kit provides an easy way to reversibly modify lysine residues of thermostable DNA polymerase, rendering the enzyme inactive. The modification is reversed after heating to >90°C. HotStart modification of DNA polymerase for PCR prevents amplification of non-specific PCR products due to low stringency annealing of primers at low temperature during reaction assembly.


  • Modify thermostable DNA polymerases to eliminate activity at room temperature
  • Modification is reversed in just 2 minutes at 95°C
  • Reduces primer-dimers and non-specific amplification
  • Full-size kit modifies 0.5 mg of polymerase
  • Trial size kit modifies 0.1 mg of polymerase

Kit Components

  • Reaction Buffer
  • Modifying Reagent
  • Storage Buffer
  • Ultrafiltration Vial, 10K MWCO
  • Lumitein Protein Gel Stain, 100X

This kit is sold to U.S customers only. 

Biotium also offers the WarmStart™ Enzyme Modification Kit (29053) for temperature control of non-thermostable enzymes.


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