Live-or-Dye NucFix Red Staining Kit

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Product Description

Biotium’s line of Live-or-Dye™ Fixable Viability Staining Kits are designed for discrimination between live and dead cells during flow cytometry or microscopy. Live/dead stains are useful probes to include when analyzing cell surface protein expression by flow cytometry, because they allow intracellular fluorescence signal from dead cells with permeable plasma membranes to be excluded from analysis. In microscopy, live/dead stains allow unambiguous visual discrimination of dead cells.

Live-or-Dye NucFix™ Red is a unique, cell membrane impermeable dye that specifically stains the nuclei of dead cells. The dye is able to enter into dead cells that have compromised membrane integrity and covalently label the cell nucleus, allowing for clear differentiation of live and dead cells by either microscopy or flow cytometry. Unlike other commonly used nuclear stains such as Propidium Iodide or DRAQ7, NucFix labeling is extremely stable, allowing the cells to be fixed and permeabilized without loss of fluorescence or dye transfer between cells. The Live-or-Dye™ NucFix Red staining protocol has been optimized to maximize live/dead discrimination with minimal live cell staining, in order to prevent interference with immunostaining.

Kit contents:

50 assay trial size:

  • 1 vial lyophilized dye (50 labeling reactions)
  • Anhydrous DMSO for dye reconstitution

200 assay size:

  • 4 vials lyophilized dye (50 labeling reactions per vial)
  • Anhydrous DMSO for dye reconstitution

λExEm = 520/610 nm


Additional Information


50 assays, 200 assays

Flyer (PDF): FL-Live-or-Dye

Protocol (PDF): PI-32010

MSDS (PDF): MSDS 32010

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