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Ready-to-Use Tyramide Amplification Buffer, 1X

Ready-to-use buffer for tyramide signal amplification; simply add CF® dye or other tyramide probes to the buffer for signal amplification.

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Product Description


  • Ready-to-use, no need to add hydrogen peroxide
  • Simply dilute CF® dye or other tyramide probe in the buffer and proceed to signal development
  • Compatible with tyramides from Biotium or other suppliers

Designed for simple, optimized signal amplification of immunostaining in cells or tissue sections, our Tyramide Amplification Buffer is ready-to-use. Simply mix your tyramide compound with the buffer to make a working solution for signal amplification. Although specifically optimized for our CF® Dye-, Biotin XX-, and DNP-tyramide products, Ready-to-Use Amplification Buffer is also compatible with tyramide probes from other manufacturers. Learn more about tyramide signal amplification.

Also see our Tyramide Amplification Kits with a selection of bright and photostable CF® dyes, and our full selection of tyramide products.



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