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Tyramide Amplification Kit with HRP Goat Anti-Mouse and CF® Dye or Biotin Tyramide

Kits for increasing immunofluorescence sensitivity using HRP-catalyzed tyramide signal amplification; with your choice of next-generation fluorescent CF® dyes or biotin.

Product Attributes

Cross adsorption

Bovine, Horse, Human, Rabbit, Swine

Storage Conditions

Store at -10 to -35 °C, Protect dye component from light

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Product Description

This kit contains reagents for performing tyramide signal amplification (TSA) using goat anti-mouse HRP secondary antibody and fluorescent CF® Dyes or biotin to increase immunofluorescence signal.


  • Increase sensitivity by up to 100-fold
  • Use lower primary antibody concentrations
  • Boost signal in challenging samples, like human FFPE tissues
  • Choose from 6 bright & photostable CF® dyes or biotin

Kit Components:

  • CF® dye or biotin-tyramide stock solution
  • HRP Goat anti-mouse IgG (highly cross-adsorbed)
  • BSA for blocking
  • Tyramide Amplification Buffer Plus*
  • 30% Hydrogen Peroxide*

Tyramide amplification, sometimes called Catalyzed Reporter Deposition (CARD), is an enzyme-mediated detection method that uses the catalytic activity of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) to generate high density labeling of a target protein or nucleic acid sequence in situ.  The tyramide amplification method has been reported to increase the sensitivity by up to 100-fold compared to conventional avidin-biotin detection. Multiple rounds of tyramide signal amplification can be performed for multiplex detection; to learn more, see our Tech Tip: Multicolor Fluorescence Imaging using Tyramide Amplification Kits. Learn more about tyramide signal amplification.

The HRP goat anti-mouse antibody provided in the kits has been adsorbed against bovine, horse, human, rabbit, and swine serum to minimize cross-reactivity; the antibody is not cross-adsorbed against rat. The kits include your choice of 6 CF® dye tyramides or biotin tyramide. CF® dyes are Biotium’s line of next-generation fluorescent dyes, with advantages in brightness and photostability compared to other dyes. Learn more about CF® dyes.

Also see our Tyramide Amplification Kits with HRP Goat Anti-Rabbit and Tyramide Amplification Kits with HRP Streptavidin.

Each kit contains reagents for staining 50-150 slides; the actual number of samples that can be stained will depend on staining volumes used. Tyramide Amplification Buffer, CF® Dye Tyramides, and other tyramide compounds are also available separately. See our full selection of tyramide products.

Tyramide Signal Amplification Kits

Tyramide LabelEx/EmSecondary conjugateCatalog no.
CF®488A490/515 nmGoat anti-mouse HRP33000
Goat anti-rabbit HRP33001
Streptavidin HRP33002
CF®543541/560 nmGoat anti-mouse HRP33003
Goat anti-rabbit HRP33004
Streptavidin HRP33005
CF®568562/583 nmGoat anti-mouse HRP33006
Goat anti-rabbit HRP33007
Streptavidin HRP33008
CF®594593/614 nmGoat anti-mouse HRP33009
Goat anti-rabbit HRP33010
Streptavidin HRP33011
CF®640R642/662 nmGoat anti-mouse HRP33012
Goat anti-rabbit HRP33013
Streptavidin HRP33014
CF®680R680/701 nmGoat anti-mouse HRP33015
Goat anti-rabbit HRP33016
Streptavidin HRP33017
Biotin-XXN/AGoat anti-mouse HRP33018
Goat anti-rabbit HRP33019
Streptavidin HRP33020
*Note: Older versions of this kit contain Ready-to-Use Tyramide Amplification Buffer (component 22027-25mL) without a separate vial of hydrogen peroxide. Download the product information sheet for detailed protocols. The SDS for the older version of the kit can be downloaded here: SDS-Tyramide-Amplification-Kit with 22027.

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