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Tyramide Amplification Buffer Plus

Tyramide signal amplification buffer with enhanced sensitivity. For use with CF® dye or other tyramide probes for signal amplification.

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Product Description


  • For cell and tissue staining with tyramide signal amplification
  • Significantly improved brightness, specificity, and sensitivity
  • Compatible with CF® Dye & other tyramides

Tyramide Amplification Buffer Plus is designed for cell and tissue immunostaining with tyramide signal amplification. It provides significantly improved brightness, specificity, and sensitivity compared to our original Tyramide Amplification Buffer. While specifically optimized for our CF® Dye tyramides, the buffer can be used with other tyramide probes. Learn more about tyramide signal amplification.


  • 29023-T (250 reactions*)
    • 1X Tyramide Amplification Buffer Plus, 25 mL
    • 30% Hydrogen Peroxide, 100 uL
  • 29023 (1000 reactions*)
    • 1X Tyramide Amplification Buffer Plus, 100 mL
    • 30% Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 mL

    * With 100 uL reaction volume; number of reactions may vary depending on sample/specimen size.


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