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Can LipidSpot™ Lipid Droplet Stains be used on tissue sections?

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LipidSpot™ stains may be used on fresh or PFA-fixed tissue cryosections, similar to Nile Red or BODIPY dyes. However, lipid droplets may not be well fixed in tissue sections, so discrete lipid droplet staining may not be preserved. Paraffin embedded sections are not recommended, because paraffin tissue processing extracts cellular lipids. Similarly, methanol or acetone fixation of cryosections may extract lipids, and is not recommended.

Mounting medium also may disrupt LipidSpot™ staining. We’d recommend either mounting tissue sections in PBS, or using a glycerol-based mounting medium like EverBrite™ Mounting Medium, and imaging within one day of mounting. FluoroShield Mounting Medium is not compatible with LipidSpot™ staining.

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